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Huge collection of magazines for sale! All $1 each


Depends on location. Cost for 1-3 magazines will most likely be in the $2-5 range within the US.

I can fit up to 5 magazines in one flat rate priority envelope at $5.60. This is pretty much the cheapest route to go due to the weight of these. 5+ can be a bit pricey due to weight but I'm willing to work out deals here.

- Feel free to ask me for any more information of the contents of any of these magazines.

Manga Max - $1 each

Rayearth issue: Feature Articles on the Rayearth OAVs, Samurai X, Composer Kenji Kawai, and Mangaka Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Misato issue - SOLD

Animerica - $1 each Will offer reduced prices on multiple issues! Will consider all offers!

Covers Featuring: Nausicaa, Kiddy Grade, Galaxy Angel, Someday's Dreamers, Saikano, FullMetal Alchemist, Steamboy, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed the Movie

Covers Featuring: JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, ZOIDS, Oh My Goddess!, Astro Boy, Cowboy Bebop, Ninja Scroll, AniMatrix, Dragon Ball Z, Ceres Celestial Legend

Covers Featuring: Princess Mononoke, Ghost Stories, Serial Experiments Lain, Vision of Escaflowne, Akira, Magic User's Club, Nadesico, Slayers Try, Monster Rancher

Covers Featuring: Pokemon, Tenchi Muyo, Samurai X, Harlock Saga, Street Fighter, Gasaraki, Big O II (I think), One Piece (contains a feature on CLAMP as well), Shamanic Princess

Inu Yasha Covers (bottom left is the Final Issue of Animerica)

CLAMP Related: X the movie, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chobits

Top: Older issues from most likely '97/'98. Christmas Special still available, Summer Special SOLD
Bottom: Sailor Moon feature - SOLD

Issues still containing original posters - I would prefer to sell the magazine with the poster but if you plan to just throw the magazine away, tell me and I'll sell just the poster to you.

Castle in the Sky w/ G Gundam poster (poster is gone), Armitage III Dual Matrix w/ Silent Mobius poster, Cowboy Bebop the Movie w/ Maho Romantic poster

Macross w/ FLCL poster, G Gundam w/ Real About HighSchool poster, Hellsing w/ Char's Counterattack poster (poster is gone)

Witch Hunter Robin with 2 page poster cover

Animerica Extra $1 each

So these I'm not sure how to sell as there are a lot and well I'm reluctant to give some up due to it having X, Utena, and Fushigi Yugi in them. But I do have almost all issues except for the first year and most of the 2nd year. So talk to me if there's something you want or if you want to buy a bunch. I have more than in the photo, just couldn't fit them all in.

Videogame Magazines:

GameWave - Japanese $1

Also comes with free small issue of Soccer Wave (lol yeah I have no idea why that came with it) and little "TransforMX" magazine.

Game Informer and PSM

I am still unsure if I want to sell these so right now these are up for offer considerations.

Silicon - $0.50 or Free with any purchase

Star Wars Related Magazines - $1 each

Sci-Fi Teen - SOLD
Star Wars Kids (full of games and such)
Sci-Fi Universe Special on Episode 1 - SOLD
5 Issues of Star Wars Insider - SOLD

Star Wars Y-Wing Model Poster (came from Collector #3) - $1

I also still have Freebies available you can add to any purchase with no additional cost. And be sure to check out my other sales at lynsales.
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