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Cosplay Commissions:

I do currently take cosplay commissions. For more info, you can check out my facebook page here: or my DA: Prices vary depending on difficulty of costume, materials needed, and sizing. Check those sites to see my past work as well as information on my current availability.


Custom-Made Gakuran Tops - $40 each for tops, $80-90 if including pants

- I can make these on a commission base. Same thing applies as to my normal commissions. Cost may vary depending on size and specifics. (Example: If you need a school emblem or some design on it, it'll cost a bit extra)

Embroidered Patches/Badges:

I currently have access to an embroidery machine and can make embroidered pieces, sewn-on or iron-on, for your costumes as long as I have a good clear reference image of the desired badge. They will range $5-15 depending on how big and how many colors are needed.

More Examples:
Team Fortress 2 Engineer patch
Persona 4 school uniform emblem
Japanisches Kaiserreich Mitternacht Marine patches

And you can see my more recent patches over on my DeviantArt gallery:

Once again, if interested please e-mail me at
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