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Asian Ball Jointed Doll Items

DollHeart Items:

SD-13 Male size - Flower Shirt - $12

SD-13 Male size - White Platform Boots - $35

MSD girl size - Red Gingham Dress - $20

MSD boy size - Black Tie from Black Paradise set - $4


Dollmore MSD blonde mohair wig - $8


All these hoodies were made by me:

MSD Red Demon Hoodie - $10 - One available
SD Red Demon Hoodie - $12 - None right now
SD White Cat Hoodie - $12 - None right now
MSD White Cat Hoodie - $10 - None right now
- I can make any on request

SD Black Cat Hoodie - $12 - None right now (can make some on request though)


I've started making angel wings for BJDs. I don't have any pre-made ones available right now but I can make them upon request. I also now have black feathers to make black versions of them.

The wings are bendable with the use of wire in the base:

For more photos, check out the gallery here:

Price: $15 + shipping
- Can make other sizes as well, prices will vary
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