lynsales (lynsales) wrote,

Videogame Stuff


Kingdom Hearts - Avatar Trading Arts Mini - $15 $10 each

- 2 Clouds and 1 Sora


Star Wars: Episode 1 PS1 game - $3

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl - Game Boy Advance - $5

Orphen PS2 game - $8

Magic Knight Rayearth japanese Game Gear game - $5

It's of the dating sim format so thus I was never able to figure out how to get far. XP This one is a long shot as no idea if anyone still has a Game Gear besides me.

Videogame Accesories:

Two Playstation/Playstation2 Shock Analog Controllers

Don't know much about them, they came with a Japanese PS1 I got online but seem that they can work on any PS1/PS2 system.
Will take any offer.
Tags: controllers, kingdom hearts, magic knight rayearth, orphen, pirates of the caribbean, star wars, tales of symphonia
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