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Hello and welcome to my sales Journal! I'm Lyn and I live in Maryland, USA. All items come from a non-smoking home though I do have a cat and two dogs though I doubt that will affect any of the items for sale here.

- Leave a comment on the entry of the item you're interested in or e-mail me about it
- I'm willing to negotiate on prices. Make me an offer!
- I am willing to take any international transactions
- I prefer Paypal but I will also accept concealed cash/checks
- Shipping will depend on your location and the items desired
- I'm looking more into getting rid of stuff but I will occasionally be willing to do trades
- I also am willing to deliver items in person if you are attending any of the following anime conventions: AnimeUSA, Katsucon, and Otakon (possibilities of attending Nekocon, Ohayocon, and/or Animazement)

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at

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Huge collection of magazines for sale! All $1 each


Depends on location. Cost for 1-3 magazines will most likely be in the $2-5 range within the US.

I can fit up to 5 magazines in one flat rate priority envelope at $5.60. This is pretty much the cheapest route to go due to the weight of these. 5+ can be a bit pricey due to weight but I'm willing to work out deals here.

- Feel free to ask me for any more information of the contents of any of these magazines.

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I also still have Freebies available you can add to any purchase with no additional cost. And be sure to check out my other sales at lynsales.